Hey Blaine,

I’m sorry to start my letter so informal, but it’s not as if I will start the text I’m about to send you with ‘Dear Blaine’ either. Do you think it’s stupid to write you a letter while you’re just an email or a skype call away? No, probably not, you’re an old soul, I’m guessing you’ll write me an answer on a type machine. Don’t tell me you own one? Oh god, I bet you do.

Enough of that. I just settled into the apartment here, and it’s actually not that bad. Sure, it takes twenty seconds before the water starts running in the shower (and then another two minutes before it gets slightly lukewarm-ish enough to stand under it) and the floorboards creak, but it’s nice enough for two. You could easily fit here next year. It’s not exactly what Rachel and I had dreamed and planned, an apartment with us two and Finn and then, next year, you, but it’s home. Sort of.
In about an hour I’m off to see Rachel’s dorm room and now that I have time to sit, stop and think about it, I think it’s good that we’re not sharing an apartment. She’s welcome here any day, but I’m afraid our friendship could be ruined if we started living together. Too much business, like expenses, things she forgets to pay me back for, I can totally see her throw one of her red sweaters with my white laundry and yes, maybe it’s good that I have this place to myself. We can live here together next year, just the two of us, without figuring out how to get rid of Rachel. That sounds good right? Right.

I still can’t believe you and dad went behind my back and applied to all those internships for me, but I can’t thank you enough, Blaine, I really can’t. I wrote a letter to my dad earlier, telling him five hundred twenty seven thousand times thank you for doing this, for applying for these jobs, finding me this apartment and paying the rent until I can for myself.  Yes, I know they have the money now neither Finn nor I are going to college, but it’s still a tad bit too generous if you ask me. I feel dubious, I am so happy being here in New York with Rachel, what I dreamed about since our first Nationals, but it still hurts that you are there, all the way in Lima. On the plane I was really doubting myself,

It will work out between us, I promise. I’ll promise it every day, in every letter and every text I send you, tell you how much I love you every night on skype. Remember how you said long distance relationships could be tricky, how you compared it to The Notebook?
Well here’s the difference Blaine, your parents won’t keep my letters from you (and if they do we still have skype and phones and facebook, we’re lucky to live in this day and age.)

I’m not sure what else to say to you right now, but keep me posted on how Lima is treating you, okay? And try and get those two cutie fashionable freshmen to join the glee club, only they are good enough to replace me!

I love you, so much,

Your Kurt

Dear Everyone,

I’m settling in my apartment in New York, because of course I’m going!
Maybe I didn’t get accepted into NYADA, I’ll get on top somehow.

I have Blaine to thank for this. I’ll miss him, more than anything back in Lima, more even than my father, I’ll miss Blaine. That’s why I decided that we’ll write. He once compared us to The Notebook. When he did it was an expression of fear, it was how he tried to tell me long distance relationships don’t work out. Something’s different, though, neither of us have parents who hold back our letters from us.

So here, on this blog, I’ll write my letters to Blaine. I hope he writes me back.


Kurt Hummel